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Thanksgiving Lands Workshop & Community Fishing Notice

October 11th, 2013


The Pacheedaht lands workshop, that was scheduled for October 11 & 12, 2013 has been postponed  until further notice! Sorry for the inconvenience. Check this website for further updates.  Please contact us if you want more information.


Pending weather and river conditions, the Thanksgiving Fishing Gathering will occur on Sunday October 13th at 10am.
Sunday October 13th _ 10AM A Thanksgiving Fishing gathering is planned at Queesidaquah (IR4) which is located at the confluence of the San Juan River and Harris Creek. The Band Van and some Trucks will be available to provide some transportation to and from the site. Any Fish harvested will be shared amongst the participants following the fishery.

As it is Thanksgiving we are encouraging anyone so inclined, to bring some food to share for a light Thanksgiving luncheon at our Traditional Fishing Village.
This is a family Event. Please be safe and respectful of our families and children and refrain from celebrations until after the activities are completed

Other Events are being rescheduled.

From Helen and Jeff  Jones

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