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Job Posting Pacheedaht First Nation Band Manager

March 13th, 2015

Reporting to Chief and Council, the Band Manager will oversee all operations of the Band. The manager will ensure that all operations are conducted in a respectful and responsible way, ensuring that all decisions and actions meet relevant legislation, policies, and procedures. He/she is responsible for all financial transactions, programs and services created and implemented by the Band Council and Staff.

The Band Manager is responsible for managing all staff and the delivery of all programs that the Pacheedaht First Nation hires and undertakes. The Band Manager also acts as a liaison between other government agencies and departments, private business and any other individuals, groups or agencies operating or wishing to operate within the community or Territory.

The Band Manager must provide records and documents to the relevant governments and agencies as needed. He/she must also ensure that all business and operations are conducted in a responsible, confidential and ethical way.


Manage all Operations for the Pacheedaht First Nation
• Ensure all operations are conducted within relevant legislation, policies and procedures.
• Coordinate development and implementation of policies, procedures and programs.
• Supervise equipment and facility use and maintenance.
• Ensure filing and record keeping systems are established and maintained.

Manage Financial Operations
• Be familiar with all budget and funding requirements.
• Be familiar with all government legislation, policies, and procedures.
• Be familiar with Band financial policies and procedures.
• Coordinate the preparation of all program budgets.
• Be familiar with generally accepted accounting principles.
• Manage all financial operations including AP, AR, and Payroll.
• Ensure monthly financial statements and reports are completed.
• Review all monthly financial statements/Audits.
• Establish and ensure internal financial controls are in place.
• Strong academic credentials that may include a degree in Business, Finance, or Management, as well as extensive senior management expertise.

Manage and Supervise Band Staff
• Recruit and hire Band Staff.
• Evaluate the performance of Band Staff.
• Coordinate training and development.
• Initiate corrective action when necessary.

Manage the Delivery of Band Programs and Services
• Oversee program delivery for all departments.
• Develop proposals for program funding.
• Ensure program funds are expended appropriately.
• Establish and maintain program policies, procedures, and standards.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and program delivery.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:
• Financial management and generally accepted accounting principles.
• Budgeting.
• Human Resource Management.
• Program Management & Delivery.
• Program Evaluation.
• An understanding of relevant legislation, policies, and procedures including the Indian Act.

The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:
• Team leadership & management skills.
• Strategic planning skills.
• Analytical and problem solving skills.
• Decision Making skills.
• Effective verbal and written communication skills including the ability to prepare reports, applications, and motions.
• Effective public relations and public speaking skills.
• Stress management and time management skills.

The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in preforming the duties of Band Manager, he/she must also demonstrate the following personal attributes.
• Maintain standards of conduct.
• Be respectful.
• Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity.
• Be flexible.
• Demonstrate sound work ethics.
• Be consistent and fair.
• Demonstrate dedication to the position and community.

Band Council Support and Administration
• Administer Band Elections.
• Coordinate operations in the Band Office, Health Centre and Education Building.
• Attend all Band Council Meetings.
• Prepare agenda information and resources for Band Council Meetings and Band Council Members.
• Maintain minutes of Band Council Meetings.
• Act as a liaison between Band Council and Band Members.
• Facilitate the exchange of information between Band Council & Band Members.
• Represent the Band at local, regional, and national meetings.
• Work with council to develop strategic plan.

Preform all other duties as required.

Working Conditions
This position is in a fast moving office environment, you must be able to multi-task, prioritize, and organize yourself to complete the required tasks. You may have to manage a number of people and projects at one time, and you may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of Band and Council Members.

All applicants should have a designation in Business Administration or relevant experience to apply for the position.

Please send cover letter and resume ( with three references) to the following:
Pacheedaht First Nation
Attention Chief and Council
P.O. Box 170
Port Renfrew, BC
V0S 1K0
Fax # (250)-647- 5561

All applications must be received by March 20th 2015, 4:00 pm.

We would like to thank all those who apply, but only those short listed will be contacted for an interview.

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